Vietnam Giant Forest Scorpion


General Information

This scorpion is one of the larger species of scorpion, reaching lengths of up to 12cm. All scorpions are venomous, but not many are actually harmful to humans- a sting from a giant forest scorpion feels a bit like
a sting from a bee!

Scorpions are actually arachnids- they are close relatives of spiders- and they have been around before the time of dinosaurs.

Vietnam giant forest scorpions live on the floor, hiding in leaf litter, burrows and under logs. Scorpions are carnivores and will eat insects, spiders and even small lizards. They can still survive if they only eat
one insect in an entire year!

Latin name - Heterometrus laoticus

Class - Arachnida

Family - Scorpionidae

IUCN Status - Not Listed

Habitat - Forests

Distribution - Vietnam

BPCZ Lowerres 09094

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