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Turquoise-fronted Amazon

Blue Fronted Amazon

General Information

The turquoise-fronted amazon is a mainly green parrot about 38 cm (15 in) long. They have blue feathers on the forehead above the beak and yellow on the face and crown. The distribution of blue and yellow varies greatly among individuals. 

There is no sexual dimorphism to the human eye, but analysis of the feathers using spectrometry, a method which allows the plumage to be seen as it would be by a parrot's tetrachromatic vision, shows clear differences between the plumage of the sexes.

The range of the turquoise-fronted amazon extends over eastern and northern Bolivia, eastern Brazil, Paraguay and northern Argentina. It is found in forests (though generally avoids extensive humid forests such as the Amazon), woodland, savanna and palm groves.

IMG 7857

Latin name - Amazona aestiva

Class - Aves

Order - Psittaciformes

Family - Psittacidae

IUCN Status - Near Threatened (CITES Appendix II)

Habitat - Woodland, Savanna and Palm Groves

Distribution - Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and northern Argentina

Fun Fact

These intelligent birds particularly enjoy singing and mimicking human speech. At the zoo, our amazons can often be heard singing and calling very loudly!

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