Somali Black Headed Sheep


General Information

The Somali sheep was predominately reared for meat production, and the breed is an ancestor of the Blackhead Persian sheep from South Africa. As well as a distinctive black head, the Somali sheep has an odd shape, as it stores fat in its hindquarters. They are hardy and thrive in arid and semi-arid conditions, but can adapt to both hot and cold conditions.

As a hair sheep, the Somali sheep will shed its longer hair in the spring and does not require shearing.

Black headed sheep

Latin name - Ovis aries Somali

Class - Mammal

Order - Artiodactyla

Family - Bovidae

Habitat - Somalia & Southern Africa

Fun Fact

The fat stored in their rump enables them to survive the dry season or periods of poor food availability, potentially allowing them to go up to a month without food or water!

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