Orange Winged Amazon

Orange-winged Amazon

Orange Winged Amazon

General Information

Introducing the vibrant and feisty orange-winged amazon, a parrot with personality!

With its striking green plumage, measuring about 33 cm in length and weighing around 340g.

The upper mandible is partly grey coloured and partly dark-grey. It has orange feathers in the wings and tail, which can be seen when in flight. The male and female are identical in external appearance.

The orange-winged amazons are noisy birds and makes loud, high-pitched screams. They feed on fruit and seeds, including the fruit of palm trees and sometimes cocoa. It roosts communally in palm and other trees, and large numbers can be seen at the roost sites at dawn and dusk.

The orange-winged amazon is a mainly green parrot about 33 cm long and weighs about 340g. It has blue and yellow feathers on its head which varies between individuals. 

Despite their dazzling charm and charisma, the orange-winged amazon faces some challenges. They might be common, but life is no cakewalk for them, as they are persecuted as an agricultural pest and by capture for the pet trade (over 66,000 captured from 1981 to 1985).

Latin name - Amazona amazonica

Class - Aves

Order - Psittaciformes

Family - Psittacidae

IUCN Status - Least Concern

Habitat - Forest

Distribution - South America, from Colombia, Trinidad and Tobago south to Peru, Bolivia and central Brazil


Persecuted as agricultural pests and the pet trade. 

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