Brazilian black tarantula

General information
Brazilian black tarantulas like to burrow underground, and these spiders can be found blending in against dark logs or hiding beneath rocks and vegetation. The Brazilian black tarantula’s burrowing allows the spider to hide from predators and ambush its prey.

Although like most new world tarantulas, this species possesses urticating hairs, if provoked, they would much rather flee than attack. Their venom is not as irritating as many other species of tarantulas. The Brazilian black is a slow grower, taking up to eight years to reach maturity, reaching up to 18cm.

They are carnivorous, feeding on a variety of insects including locusts and crickets.

Fun fact
Females of this species can live up to 20 years. In that time, they are capable of having thousands of babies, sometimes laying up to 600 eggs at a time!


Latin name - Grammostola pulchra
Class - Arachnida
Family - Theraphosidae
IUCN Status - Least Concern
Habitat - Grasslands
Distribution – Brazil and Uruguay

BPCZ Lowerres 09094

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