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Bali Starling

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General Information

Unfortunately, this species is on the brink of extinction in the wild due to poaching for the pet trade. Thankfully, conservation efforts are underway to protect and preserve this exquisite species.

When it comes to courtship, Bali starlings have their own unique ways of showing affection. Males and females engage in head-bobbing dances, like a charming avian tango! As if that wasn't enough to win hearts, they also serenade each other with loud and melodious shrieks that echo through the lush forests of Bali.

Their diet includes a delicious medley of fruits, seeds, worms, and insects. 

As we strive to protect and preserve these magnificent birds, let's also appreciate their vital role in their ecosystem. As frugivores, they play a crucial part in seed dispersal, helping to maintain the rich biodiversity of their home in Bali's forests.

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Latin name - Leucopsar rothschildi

Class - Birds

Order - Passeriformes

Family - Sturnidae

IUCN Status - Critically Endangered (CITES Appendix 1)

Habitat - Tropical grassland, tropical dry forest

Distribution - Bali, Indonesia


Habitat loss, the pet trade


15 years in captivity.

Fun Fact

The Bali starling is the island of Bali’s national mascot.

Our Residents

Our beautiful Bali starlings’ favourite food is insects. A special treat is locusts, which are eaten in seconds!

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