Rare Bagot goats born at the zoo!

24th Apr 2023

Spring has finally arrived at Battersea Park Children's Zoo! We are proud to announce the birth of two rare Bagot goat kids, and we cannot wait for you all to meet them!

A male, named Wasabi was born on 22nd April 2023 to mum Paprika, followed by a female on 24th April to mum Pepper, who has been named Nutmeg!

Bagot goats are not only one of the oldest native breeds of goat in Britain but today, one of the rarest, with as few as 350 breeding females remaining.

At the zoo, we support efforts to save and promote our native livestock breeds, as almost 80% are at risk of extinction. We collaborate with a number of organisations to breed, conserve, and educate the public on the importance of protecting these breeds and sustainable farming practices. 

Our herd of Bagot goats can be found at the front of the zoo, where our adorable new arrivals can be seen outside exploring their grassy paddock from today!

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