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BPCZ Launches the #ShareSavvy Campaign!

26th Feb 2024

Battersea Park Children’s Zoo is proud to launch our campaign to target the negative implications that irresponsible social media usage can have on the conservation of threatened species. The #ShareSavvy campaign aims to educate the public on social media's influence on animal welfare and the illegal wildlife trade, providing an alternative, positive approach to social media usage.

A whole host of vulnerable species are increasingly at risk of poor care and ultimately extinction because of the footage we unknowingly share and promote on social media platforms. From exotic birds and primates to otters and big cats, simply sharing media without context can put the welfare of many animals at risk.

Our campaign invites organisations, institutions and charities to join us in tackling this ever-growing issue. As a modern zoological facility, we are always evolving to meet our mission statement, conserving species and educating the next generation.

The ShareSavvy campaign requires its supporters to make six pledges, all aimed at meeting the campaign target and bettering the chances of our most vulnerable species.


The Six ShareSavvy Pledges:

1)To educate our visitors on the implications social media can have on wild animals.


2)To engage the public with practical resources that encourage positive social media usage


3) To highlight the plight of the species most impacted by irresponsible social media usage.


4) To hold an annual #ShareSavvy Saturday, on the first Saturday of August, Hosting a variety of activities to raise awareness of the impacts of irresponsible social media usage on wild animals.


5) To create accessible resources and media to help the public navigate potentially irresponsible social media posts.


6) To ensure our team understands the aims of the ShareSavvy campaign and can navigate their social media usage responsibly.


On Saturday 3rd August we will host the first-ever #ShareSavvySaturday. This day will feature a variety of activities and workshops at the zoo aimed at promoting positive social media usage to protect species vulnerable to exploitation on social media. 

If your organisation would like to join our campaign and help us in our mission to tackle the negative impacts of social media on conservation and animal welfare, please get in touch with us at animals@batterseaparkzoo.co.uk

All organisations that join our campaign will receive access to all of our ShareSavvy campaign resources to share with their visitors. 

We aim to collaborate with as many organisations as possible to assist with delivering this campaign. 


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