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Feathered Friends Take Centre Stage for World Parrot Day at Battersea Park Children's Zoo

31st May 2024

Squawk! It's World Parrot Day, and we're throwing a virtual fiesta for our four fabulous parrot species here at Battersea Park Children's Zoo. You won't find a more charismatic crew of feathered conversationalists anywhere else!

Before we introduce you to our vibrant flock, did you know? All our parrots are former pets. We're passionate about educating the public about the complexities of parrot care. These intelligent birds can live up to 80 years and require a stimulating environment and specialised diets. In fact, we're even conducting research into better parrot nutrition!

Now, let's meet our chatty companions:

Barry and Becky, the Loquacious African Greys
Barry and Becky, our 25-year-old African Greys, are the wise elders of our zoo. They've been around longer than any other animal, and their vocabulary is proof! These chatterboxes mimic everything from past and present keepers to our otters, Shetland pony, and even walkie-talkies.
African Greys are considered some of the world's most intelligent birds. Sadly, their popularity as pets combined with habitat loss, has led to their endangered status, making conservation efforts crucial to their survival.

We're proud to provide Barry and Becky with a loving home where they can show off their impressive language skills.

Bird, the Operatic Turquoise-fronted Amazon
Bird, our Turquoise-fronted Amazon, is always ready to greet visitors with a friendly "hello." But sometimes, Bird treats us to impromptu opera performances!

This vibrant parrot is a beautiful shade of green with striking blue and yellow markings. Bird's species are considered Near Threatened due to the loss of their natural homes and their unfortunate popularity in the pet trade.

Delta, the Enigmatic Orange-winged Amazon
Delta, our Orange-winged Amazon, might be the quietest of our parrots, but he's no less fascinating. With his unique blend of blue and yellow feathers, Delta is a true beauty.

Orange-winged Amazons are known for their love of fruits and seeds, especially from palm trees. Sadly, they are often captured for the pet trade or persecuted as pests.

Kakariki, the Rare Yellow-crowned Parakeet
Kakariki holds a special place in our hearts. She's the only non-hybridised Kakariki left in the UK!

This small parrot with a big personality is a burst of energy with her red-banded golden crown and bluish-purple wings. Kakariki's species is Near Threatened, highlighting the importance of protecting these charming creatures.

#WorldParrotDay is celebrated on the 31st May every year and we hope you enjoyed this virtual visit with our parrot pals! Happy World Parrot Day!

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