Yellow Parakeet

Kakariki or Yellow Crowned Parakeet

Yellow Parakeet

General Information

Kākāriki are parakeets native to New Zealand. The birds' Maori name means "small parrot". There are three different species in New Zealand and the ones we have here at the Zoo are yellow-crowned Parakeets. 

All three are primarily bright green but with differing facial markings. Yellow-crowned Parakeetshave a red band fronting their golden crown. When their wings are spread in flight, they are bluish-purple.

The males of this species are larger than the females. The females can also be distinguished from males as their bills are disproportionally smaller.

They are small parrots with big personalities, intelligent and curious. 

When it comes to their diet, these foodies are quite versatile. They enjoy a delightful medley of seeds, juicy fruits, sweet flowers, tender leaves, crunchy shoots, and even some invertebrate treats for a balanced and tasty feast.

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Latin name - Cyanoramphus auriceps

Class - Aves

Order - Psittaciformes

Family - Psittacidae

IUCN Status - Near Threatened

Habitat - Forests

Distribution - Endemic to New Zealand


Kākāriki have become endangered due to a loss of habitat following human settlement and nest predation by introduced mammals, such as rats and stoats. Scarce on the mainland, they have survived well on outlying islands.


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