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Guinea Pig

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General Information

Guinea pigs are a domestic member of the cavy family and are very popular as pets. Like pigs, the females are called sows and the males are called boars. After a long gestation period of 63 days, the young are born fully developed.

Like humans, Guinea pigs are unable to produce Vitamin C and need a constant source of it in their diet.

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Latin name - Cavia porcellus

Class - Mammals

Order - Rodentia

Family - Caviidae

IUCN Status - Domesticated

Habitat - Domestic

Distribution - Andean region of South America


6 years

Fun Fact

Guinea pigs are very social and communicate with each other through a variety of different chirps, chattering and whistles.

Our Residents

Wilfred, Willow, Walnut, Olive, Cherry, Oak, Juniper

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