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Masters of speed and size, and the second largest birds on Earth, emus are awe-inspiring creatures that stand tall at over 6 feet in height. Despite being flightless, they more than compensate with their remarkable sprinting abilities, capable of reaching astounding speeds of up to 40 miles per hour! 

Clawed feet emus have developed a unique defensive strategy, relying on their powerful clawed feet to ward off potential threats. If faced with danger, they can unleash swift and forceful kicks, making them an imposing force in the animal kingdom. 

As resourceful omnivores, emus have adapted to thrive on a diverse diet of plants and insects. One of the most fascinating features of emus is their unique vocal abilities. These distinctive vocalisations serve various purposes, from attracting mates during the breeding season to communicating with each other in their social groups. 

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Latin name - Dromaius novaehollandiae

Class - Birds

Order - Struthioniformes

Family - Dromaiidae

IUCN Status - Least Concern

Habitat - Varied

Distribution - Australia


Up to 20 years in captivity.

Fun Fact

One emu egg is the equivalent of 10-12 chicken eggs! They weigh up to 900gm and are a deep emerald green colour. It is the male that incubates the eggs.

Our Residents

Our emus, Ant and Dec, love having a shower in hot weather, although they sometimes like it on cold days too! Both hatched in 2005 and are siblings.

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