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General Information

Descended from the African Wild Ass, donkeys have been domesticated for over 5,000 years. Traditionally they are used as a working or pack animal in developing countries. They are from arid and semi-arid areas so can survive on sparse vegetation.

Donkeys have a loud call or bray, which can be heard over 3kms away.

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Latin name - Equus asinus

Class - Mammals

Order - Perissodactyla

Family - Equidae

IUCN Status - Domesticated

Habitat - Domestic

Distribution - Widespread


Over 30 years

Fun Fact

Donkeys are often referred to in folklore and myth around the world. Christians believe the cross-shaped marking on donkeys' backs and shoulders is a symbol of when the animal carried Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

Our residents

Smokey and Dusty, our 2 geldings, are best friends and dislike being separate from each other. Their favourite game is tug of war with a deflated football. Both were born in 2005.


Did you know that you can adopt Smokey and Dusty - find out how!

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