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New Arrivals: Critically Endangered Cotton Top Tamarins!

11th Aug 2019

These stunning little monkeys are listed as 'critically endangered' by the International Union for Conservation of Species (IUCN) with as few at 2,000 adult cotton tops remaining in their native habitat in north-west Columbia. Unfortunately, the devastating effects of habitat destruction by forest clearing has left this interesting species clinging on to existence within just 5% of their original range. Farming, logging, palm oil plantations and the illegal pet trade are all accountable for the dramatic declines in this species wild population.

In an attempt to conserve and save this species, many zoos keep cotton tops and engage in vital breeding programmes and we are proud to continue our support for this important cause. Battersea Park Children's Zoo has long supported the main charity out in Columbia protecting the last remaining cotton top tamarins: Proyecto titi (project tamarin). This charity was founded in 1985 and combines field research, education and community programs to spread awareness about this endangered species and encourages the public to participate in its protection. Every year we hold a day devoted to this species and raise funds to send directly to Proyecto titi to support them in their vital work.

As one of the smallest monkeys on the planet, be sure to visit them on your next trip to the zoo and observe for yourself why it is so important to work together to conserve them. Our dedicated keepers are always on hand to answer questions and tell you all about our troop of cotton tops!

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