Critically endangered pancake tortoise hatched at the zoo

13th Jun 2023

We are extremely proud to announce that a critically endangered pancake tortoise has hatched at the zoo! 
After an incredible incubation period of 173 days the hatchling finally emerged from its shell last week and is being cared for by our expert keepers in our behind the scenes nursery enclosure. 
Our team incubated the egg, which was laid at the zoo by one of our adult tortoises, at 31.5 degrees Celsius in the hopes of producing a female hatchling - but it will be a few years before we will know for certain. 
This fragile species is listed as critically endangered, meaning they are on the edge of extinction. Their decline is mostly a result of intense harvesting for the exotic pet trade as well as habitat destruction.
Our hatchling represents hope for this amazing species, and is one of only 5 hatched within U.K. zoos over the last year. 
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