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    Otter Quadruplets Born on 16th December 2020!

    12th Feb 2021

    We are delighted to announce the birth of 4 Asian short-clawed otter cubs at the zoo on the 16th December 2020.

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    Huge success as 6 threatened kakariki chicks fledge the nest!

    28th Jan 2020

    In recent weeks our dedicated team of zoo keepers have been working hard to ensure our resident pair of yellow-crowned parakeets have everything they need to rear their chicks! We are proud to announce that we have 6 healthy chicks, fully fledged and exploring their enclosure alongside their parents!

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    New Arrivals: Critically Endangered Cotton Top Tamarins!

    11th Aug 2019

    Last month, Battersea Park Children's Zoo welcomed 4 new arrivals from Blackpool Zoo: Nellie, Nora, Dora and Diego - a sibling group of rare cotton top tamarins.

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    Rare Breed Arrivals at Battersea’s Barley Mow Farm!

    3rd Jun 2019

    In recent months we have been busy at Battersea Park Children’s Zoo, preparing for a number of exciting new arrivals on our beloved Barley Mow Farm. To raise awareness of rare breed farm animals and promote the conservation of these stunning old breeds, we have looked closely at the work of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST) and a couple of our newest resident's feature on their current watchlist.

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    Ahoy there! The pi-rats of the Thames have docked at Battersea!

    1st Apr 2019

    This week at Battersea Park Children’s Zoo, 6 fancy rats became our most recent residents when their pirate ship, the ‘Ratty Roger’ arrived!

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