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    Battersea Boo! Witching Week at the Zoo: A Halloween Half-Term Adventure for Families

    14th Sep 2023

    Family Fun Halloween half term activities at Battersea Park Children's Zoo

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  2. Gold BIAZA Award 2023 - Bali starling

    BPCZ wins Gold BIAZA Award for increasing the breeding success in the Critically Endangered Bali starling

    23rd Jun 2023

    Bali starlings (Leucopsar rothschildi) are one of the world’s rarest birds, found in just one forest, in the protected Bali Barat national park on Bali. In 2001, there were just six Bali starlings left in the wild due to habitat loss and poaching for the exotic songbird trade.

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  3. Bronze BIAZA Education Award 2023

    BPCZ Wins Bronze BIAZA Education Award 2023

    23rd Jun 2023

    Battersea Park Children's Zoo Apiary partnership with the London Beekeepers' Association

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  4. critically endangered pancake tortoise has hatched at the zoo (2)

    Critically endangered pancake tortoise hatched at the zoo

    13th Jun 2023

    After an incredible incubation period of 173 days the hatchling finally emerged from its shell last week

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  5. World Bee Day 2023 (1)

    World Bee Day 2023

    20th May 2023

    Today bees and other pollinators are increasingly threatened with extinction as a result of human activity on the planets ecosystems

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