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70 Harvest Mice Released Into The Wild

9th May 2023

We are proud to announce that on Saturday 6th May, harvest mice born into the breeding programme run by BPCZ and our sister site The New Forest Wildlife Park were reintroduced into restored habitats in Ealing, West London, in partnership with Ealing Wildlife Group.

Last weekend an incredible milestone was passed - over 1000 harvest mice have now been released into the wild as part of this project. Animal manager Jamie and keeper Laura were excited to help with the release effort, at a site that had been restored by EWG, establishing a diverse ecosystem of native wildlife in this location once again. Surveys carried out year after year have shown that these releases are proving to be successful, with harvest mice becoming established within the ecosystem and restoring biodiversity.
We are even more excited to share that the harvest mouse release site will soon be home to another reintroduced native species!
Eurasian beavers, one of the most impactful, native ecosystem engineers will be returning to Ealing for the first time in 400 years, later this year! This collaborative project will give people access to a rewilded landscape and experience firsthand these animals’ incredible abilities to create nature-rich wetlands.
Our native species are increasingly under threat, making the fight against biodiversity loss in our habitats across Britain a priority. Harvest mouse populations have been in decline across the country due to habitat loss for many years, making conservation projects like this even more vital.
For more information on the amazing work being carried out by Ealing Wildlife Group please visit this website:
BPCZ Lowerres 09094

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