BPCZ sees parliamentary recognition at first BIAZA Great British Wildlife Restoration Awards

17th Jan 2024

On Tuesday 16th January 2024, BPCZ animal manager, Jamie, attended the BIAZA Great British Wildlife Restoration Awards at the Houses of Parliament. We were proud to be one of 22 nominees, recognised for our honeybee school project in collaboration with the London Beekeepers Association. Our continued aim of this project has been to provide a space where inner-city school children can get firsthand experience with beekeeping, whilst learning about the importance of pollinators in environmental health and food sustainability. 

Jamie had this to say:
“I could not be prouder to have represented our little zoo at the GBWR awards, discussing the vital work we are doing with MP’s and peers from across the country. Our project highlights the plight of native pollinators, alongside so many other incredible programmes being carried out by British zoos to conserve native wildlife.
We may be one of the smallest BIAZA members, but we always strive to punch above our weight when it comes to our conservation responsibilities, and that wouldn’t be possible without the support of our amazing members and visitors, so thank you! Thank you to the London Beekeepers Association for their dedication to this project, and I’d also like to thank the hardworking team of people who work at Battersea Park Zoo, making it the special place it is today”.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to BIAZA for organising such an inspiring event, and for increasingly championing our country’s smaller zoos, who are making huge differences to their communities. 

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