Why do parties start from 4 years?

The reason for the age restriction is that the party is very interactive with lots of activities that younger children would not be able to keep up with.

What about siblings of party guests?

Siblings of invited children: Under 2yrs: Free
Siblings 2 years and over: Usual entrance fee £7.95 
It is the responsibility of the parents of siblings of children on the guest list to explain to them that everyone can come on the tour but once the party guests go in to start to do counted out activities they will no longer be able to take part.

What if both parents would like to stay with their child at the party?

As only one adult is admitted in for free with each party guest any extra parents will have to pay for their entry. Adult entrance price £9.95.
Birthday parents sometimes wish to cover this cost and offer free entry to both parents of guest children: this can easily be done and added to the total cost.

What about latecomers?

Any guests that arrive after the party has begun should come to the zoo shop entrance and let the staff know that they are here for xxxx’s birthday party; staff will then radio to find out where the party are in the zoo and give directions.

Can we bring balloons?

In the interest of conservation and the safety of the animals we ask that balloons are avoided or kept to a minimum. We suggest a small display which must be weighted down.

Are there any refreshments provided for parents?

Tea and coffee is available for parents/adults on a ‘help yourself basis’ in the party cabin at the same time as the children are eating, in the last half hour. Birthday parents may choose to bring a few extra ‘nibbles’ for the adults, such as biscuits/ pastries/finger sandwiches. Please note space is limited.

Do you have matches and a knife for the cake?

Yes, we can also provide simple paper plates, spoons and napkins.

Where do parents come to collect their children from the party?

One parent may come in to the zoo to collect their child from the party cabin.

What happens if it rains?

We can be flexible with the order of events according to rainfall. However as long as children are dressed appropriately, with the help of our large umbrellas we can still get out to do the tour.