Guided school visit

On arrival

A guide will meet the school group at the entrance to the zoo and go through a plan for the visit with the teacher or teachers. This will include snack and toilet breaks, tour topics, lunch arrangements, playtime, shop visit and departure time.

Payment is processed or numbers taken for invoicing on the day of the visit.

Welcome talk

The guide will welcome the group and go through health and safety procedures and the location of facilities. Approx. 3mins.

A toilet stop can made if necessary. Approx. 10mins.

The Treetops Centre

This is the base for the day; the school group is escorted to the centre by their guide and time is given to have a snack (recommended) and/or drop off belongings and packed lunches. If snacking approx.10mins.

Guided tour

The guide will take the school group and accompanying adults on a topic-based or general tour of the zoo. Tour approx ¾ hour-1hour


This can either be taken in the Treetops Centre Cabins or, weather permitting, at the reserved picnic tables out on the surrounding decking. Approx ½ hr-3/4hr

After lunch, bags may be left in the cabin/s and a collection time arranged with the guide.

Show + Tell and Free time

Show + Tell Artefacts- The zoo has various artefacts such as eggs, owl pellets, snake skins etc which can be shown to the children to re- enforce their learning on the tour. Approx 20 mins

Teachers may then wish to take pupils to re-visit animals or go to the play area and/or visit the zoo shop.

The play area includes a large sandpit with water features, climbing frames, slides, spinning cups and trampolines, as well as a large wooden fort, real-life fire engine, helicopter and tractor.

The zoo shop stocks gifts, souvenirs, pocket money-priced toys and books. It is recommended that pupils are taken to the shop by their adult in small groups.

Self-guided school visit including under 3’s

Self-guided schools may wish to make a note of Feeding Times and Talks and plan their day around these.

Non-guided school visit

Non-guided schools may wish to make a note of Feeding Times and Talks and plan their day around these.