Sunny Stick Insect

Latin Name Sungaya inexpectata
Class Insecta
Family Heteropterygidae
Habitat Temperate forests in the Philippines
IUCN Status Not Evaluated
Distribution Philippines, Island of Luzon.

General Information

Oliver Zompro collected the first specimen of this species, a nymph, on 8 September 1995 in Baranggay Sungay in the province of Batangas-associated township Talisayon on the Philippine island of Luzon. The species is sexually dimorphic, with females larger than the males. The females reach a length of 80 to 85 millimeters and a weight of about five grams. The males are leaner and significantly smaller at 50 to 56 millimeters in length. At the zoo this species feed mainly on bramble and privet.

Fun Fact

The species reproduces both sexually and by parthenogenesis.

Keeper Notes

Our sunny stick insects live alongside our zompro's stick insects in the mouse house! Be sure to spend a few moments searching for them, as they have very impressive camoflage!