Buff Orpington Chicken

Latin Name Gallus gallus domesticus
Class Aves
Order Galliformes
Family Phasianidae
IUCN Status Domesticated - Rare Breed Survival Trust Watchlist

General Information

Buff Orpington's are a heavy and boldly coloured breed that are on the RBST watch list due to a decline in their numbers. Named after the town of Orpington, Bromley in South-east London this large breed is known for being good egg layers and even better parents! Other characteristics of Orpington's are their curvy shape, with a short back and U-shaped underline, and a small head with a medium single comb. 

Fun Fact

Buff Orpington's can lay between 175 and 200 medium to large light-brown eggs a year!

Keeper Notes

We currently have three Buff Orpington's living with our Silkie Chickens on Barley Mow Farm. They are very confident and mischievous characters and keep us on our toes! All of our chickens are named after us; the keepers! Our Orpington's are called Claire, Jess and Jamie!