Barn Owl

Latin Name Tyto alba
Class Aves
Order Strigiformes
Family Tytonidae
IUCN Status Least Concern
Habitat Rough Grassland
Distribution Worldwide (every continent except Antarctica)

The Barn Owl, also known as the Common Barn Owl, is the most widely distributed species of Owl on the planet. They are also one of the most widely distributed species of bird. The Barn Owl is a nocturnal predator but in Britain and some other locations they can be seen hunting successfully during the day. 

Barn owls specialise in hunting animals that are on the ground and nearly all of their food consists of small mammals which they locate by sound. Their heart shaped faces have adapted to filter even the slightest of sounds to their ears when searching for voles or mice rustling in the undergrowth as they fly overhead. Barn Owls usually mate for life. 

Threats: Habitat loss, development that destroys hunting opportunities, Illegal poaching.

Life Span: Up to 15 years.

Fun Fact

Barn Owls are silent flyers - their lightweight, soft and delicate feathers allow them to stalk their prey without being heard!

Keeper Notes

Our Gorgeous Barn Owl is named Muckle and she loves screeching at her keepers to let them know when shes ready for her dinner!