Bali Starling

Latin name Leucopsar rothschildi
Class Birds
Order Passeriformes
Family Sturnidae
IUCN Status Critically Endangered (CITES Appendix 1)
Habitat Tropical grassland, tropical dry forest
Distribution Bali, Indonesia

General Information

The Bali starling is said to be the most beautiful member of the mynah bird family. Unfortunately, this species is on the brink of extinction in the wild due to poaching for the pet trade. When males and females are courting, they display by head-bobbing and making loud shrieks. Their diet consists of fruit, seeds, worms and insects.

Threats: Habitat loss, the pet trade

Lifespan: 15 years in captivity.

Fun Fact

The Bali starling is the island of Bali’s national mascot.

Keeper Notes

Our beautiful Bali starlings’ favourite food is insects. A special treat is locusts, which are eaten in seconds!