Aylesbury Duck

Latin name Anas Platyrhynchos
Class Aves
Order Anseriformes
Family Anatidae
IUCN status Not Listed
Habitat Domestic

General information

The Aylesbury duck is a breed of domesticated duck, bred mainly for its meat and appearance. It is a large duck with pure white plumage, a pink bill, orange legs and feet.

Raising white ducks became popular in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, in the 18th century owing to the demand for white feathers as a filler for quilts. Their fertilised eggs were brought into an area of the town which became known as "Duck End" where local residents would rear the ducklings in their homes!

An Aylesbury Duck egg has twice the nutritional value than a chicken egg and will stay fresh longer because of their thicker shell. Females and males grow to an average weight of 6 and 7 pounds (2.7 and 3.2 kg)

Aylesbury United Football Club are nicknamed "The Ducks" and include an Aylesbury duck on their club badge!

Diet: Pellets, wheat, vegetables, leafy greens & insects.

Lifespan: 5/10 years.