19 Feb 2019

Feed the Birds!

Feed the Birds!

Encourage birds to your garden this winter.

Bird feeder activity

Help birds through the winter by coming to the zoo today and making a bird feeder. We'll be getting messy using lots of seeds and nuts, yogurt pots and string to create a yummy treat for our feathered friends!

Taking place 11 - 12.30 + 1.30 - 3.30  COST £1

Spot the Bird Challenge

Everyday the zoo and surrounding park get lots of wild birds visiting as they seek out the opportunity to nibble a worm or a left over picnic crumb! Do the 'Spot the bird Challenge' as you to go around the zoo and tick off how many different 'visiting' birds you can spot on the sheet. Stickers for those who take part. 

Meet Muckle the Barn Owl

3pm  - Late afternoon Muckle our Barn owl gets fed, come and watch as the zoo keeper talks you through how they feed her. How many mice do you think she eats?