Adopt an animal

Adopt an animal

Adopt an animal and become a real part of our conservation programme. Adoptions also make a worthwhile gift for anyone who loves animals.

For a small outlay, based on the cost of feeding and welfare, individuals or families can adopt an animal of their choice, making their visits to the Zoo even more special.

What do you receive when you adopt an animal?

You'll receive an A4 certificate with a photograph of your chosen animal - ready for framing. Your name is put on the 'Thank You' board at the enclosure. We'll also send you an Adoption Pack which includes a fact sheet on your species, two annual newsletters and a car sticker. We also offer a special Adoption Pack for children.

Animals for adoption at Battersea Park Zoo


6 months

1 year

Small animals £25 £50
Farm animals £20 £40
Birds £15 £30
Mouse House and other small animals £10 £20

Download our adoption form here 

Small animals:

Brown Capped Capuchin, Squirrel Monkey, Emperor Tamarin, Cotton top Tamarin,  Ring-tail Lemur, Meerkat, Asian Short-Clawed Otter, Polecat, Coati, Luzon Cloud Rat, Pallas' Squirrel

Farm animals:

Donkey, Shetland Pony, Wallaby, Valais Blacknose Sheep, Rabbit, Guinea pig


African Grey Parrot, Touraco, Bali Starling, Kakariki, Emu, Aylesbury Duck, Zebra Finch

Mouse House and other small animals:

Siberian chipmunk, Harvest Mouse, Giant African Land Snail, Corn snake, Box Turtle, Fancy Rat, Hedgehog

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