Brown capuchin

Latin name Cebus apella
Class Mammals
Order Primates
Family Cebidae
IUCN Status Least concern (CITES Appendix II)
Habitat Tropical rainforests and mangroves
Distribution South America

General Information

Brown capuchins or tufted capuchins are intelligent, inquisitive monkeys that live in large groups in the wild. They are famous for using tools such as sticks to obtain food. They are active during the day and although they spend most of their time in trees, they do forage on the forest floor. They are omnivores eating a variety of fruit, vegetables, leaves, flowers, seeds, eggs, small mammals, insects and invertebrates. They also have a semi-prehensile tail that they use as an extra limb.

Threats: Habitat destruction, pet trade

Lifespan: 45 years in captivity

Fun Fact

Capuchins love chillies – not for the taste though, they rub them all over themselves as an insect repellent!

Keeper Notes

Our three brown capuchins are all brothers. Diablo is the oldest and the boss – some say he has a grumpy face! Carlos is the middle brother and is the sensitive one of the group. Medellin is the intelligent one – he shows his playful side by sliding on his tummy along the fire hoses in their enclosure!